Restored from a backup -- why is all my art gone?

I bought a new Roon server. I did a complete backup of Roon, and backup of all the files.

When I restore from the backup, everything chaos - everything is in a different order no matter how I choose to display (Overview, Albums, etc.) and all the album art I so carefully uploaded and selected (so I can browse through my ripped CDs based on what my CDs actually looked like) are gone. Having just ripped 800+ CDs I can’t even estimate how many hours of work this would be to fix.

Please tell me there’s an easy answer I’ve missed.

I also the new version is confusing – why can’t I view my whole library?

If you’re talking about the Overview screen, click on the album count and you’ll get your full listing -

Your new Roon server probably imported everything as being new. Have you edited the directory path of the watch folder when you transferred the backup to your new server so that it points to where the music is stored now instead of where it was?. A lot of people seem to be very confused about this

Hi @qrd_skyline,

It sounds like you are migrating from one Core to another one, is that correct? If so, please use our Migration Knowledge Base Article for the proper migration instructions. Do let us know if this helps!

Is it possible to use a backup done on an iMac core to restore on a nucleus plus?

Yes. The third paragraph of the Migration Knowledge Base Article says:

This will work regardless of what platform your Core was previously running on – your database will work on any platform that supports running a Core.

Thanks for the quick reply

ExFat formatting of backup drive OK for restoring to nucleus plus?

From the Roon FAQ Nucleus Storage:

Devices connected directly to Nucleus by USB
If your music is stored on an external USB drive, plug it into your Nucleus now. Nucleus supports USB drives pre-formatted as EXT2/3/4, VFAT/FAT32/FAT16/exFAT, NTFS, or HFS/HFS+. Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only, which means that Nucleus will not be able to make changes or store new music on the USB drive.

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