Retrieval of background material & What's similar

From the beginning I liked Roon’s ability to retrieve background material to the musicians that are playing in the moment. However, unfortunately this is very much restricted to pop, rock and whatever other genres are en_vogue right now. In classical the materials are weak and today I noticed that Roon didn’t find anything about Keith Jarret, probably because it was a vinyl rip, that was painstakingly labeled, though. But then I would expect Roon to recognize a name like Keith’s.

Second point: The what’s similar function could really be nice, but actually, Roon only outputs all albums from the same global category of a music. If that is ‘Jazz’, Roon will list most of my ‘Jazz’ records, even if they are a completely different style, period or whatever.

Is there a way for me to help Roon retrieve more relevant background information and to be more ‘knowledgeable’ with its ‘similar’ function?


Keith Jarrett. Last name ends it two t’s. 91 albums in Tidal. Lengthy bio in Roon.

Weird that it didn’t appear for you.

Roon search could be a bit better allowing for slight differences. But it came up right away for me because I have Tidal and Keith Jarrett appears on several albums I own. Even when I spelled with one t.

On a vinyl rip, you’ll probably have to manually match up the album with Roon database. Not hard at all. Click the blue pencil on the album screen.

The ‘similar’ button’s never really done it for me - like your example, it’s so broad it generally selects practically half my library and doesn’t seem to be using much of the magic and intelligence of Roons core.