Reverting to an older version Roon


Just update the latest version 1.8 Build 913 but I can not play with HQPlayer version 4.3.1.

I can not update the latest version of HQPlayer because my iMac is old with MacOs High Sierra 10.13.6.

Could you tell me how can I return to the previous state?

Thank you

You can’t. Roon doesn’t support going back. If you are running Windows you might want to go to a restore point but that is the only way.

Welcome to the forum, @ADONIOU_SOTIRIS! Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to return to a previous state unless you can restore a previous version from a system backup.

It’s very possible and why you guys don’t let it be is beyond me. if you have an older version of Roon possible in your downloads. Back up Roon
uninstall roon save data option then install older version
if you can’t see library try to restore from backup. If this fails due Roon gods making sure all past is bad just rescan
dear Roon stop playing god let us mortals have fun too.

@Henry_McLeod and I are community members and do not represent Roon. We are simply stating what is or is not possible. Roon has a rolling release policy, so will only ever publish the current version.

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A problematic policy as evidenced by the issues many users experience.

Having been burned in the past I keep a clone of a working Roon installation I can restore from, this isn’t an option for all users.

I think Roon’s developers should be more sympathetic to customers who are caught by an upgrade that disables Roon for them.

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