Rewind Music App

I came across this article early today and was wondering if anyone has tried it?


Keeps fading in and out. Not sure what that’s about. Seems like it’s trying to pull you into Tidal.

Well, it is a Tidal developer’s side gig. And it integrates with Tidal only for the moment.

Thanks for sharing my app, I am Ziad the developer of Rewind. I would really like to hear your thoughts on the app!
I released it last month so this is the first version you’re looking at. It currently only integrates with TIDAL but its main purpose is not to pull you into TIDAL. But rather give you a unique experience for discovering music. It does not require you to have a TIDAL account to use it. It’s open for everyone.

What do you think of Rewind?:slight_smile:

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Great minds

@Ziad_Al_Halabi I think it’s a great app and thought Roon should talk to you about incorporating some of the ideas. I also like the continuous flow rather than pages or tabs.

Thanks @ged_hickman1 I appreciate that!
Two questions for you:
1- What do you mean by continuous flow?
2- How would you see the app being integrate with Rewind? Just that content can be opened in Roon similarly on how currently it works with TIDAL?