Rhapsody/Napster integration?

I’m new to Roon and Tidal, and very happy with it. I used Rhapsody (now Napster) and Sonos before, and still run that–especially since my wife knows Sonos and has been resistant to learning a new system. I’ve noticed that a fair number of albums that are in my Napster library can’t be found on Tidal. These are mostly in the folk/singer-songwriter category. Any chance of Roon partnering with Napster?

Mark, with respect, I tell you there isn’t likely to be an answer to your question from Roon, other than something like, “who knows what the future holds?”

Personally, I would choose the setup most likely to keep my wife happy. :slight_smile: Which right now is Roon in my room and Sonos everywhere else.

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