Right click and check marks?


In an artist’s page, I notcied that when I right click on a track, the track time length info is replaced with empty circles, which I can then wtih regular mouse click to select/unselect tracks.

However, once I select a few tracks (see in the attached screenshot, where I have 2 such tracks check marked), I don’t see any action I can take. In this case, I wanted to simply add these 2 tracks to my library, which is the kind of aciton I assume this is meant to offer - but I don’t see any action I am able to take after marking such tracks?

This may be a silly question, but I’d appreciate any tip to let me know what I am missing :slight_smile:


At the top of your window, a new bar should appear that says “2 Selected” then has the big purple “play now” button and the triple dot icon next to that.

It gives you some options like adding all the selected tracks to the library if they are not already, or to add all of them to a playlist, or to the queue without having to do it for each track individually.
If you have the songs in your library, it also allows you to be able to edit all the selected files at once, or add them to a specific tag or something.


Tahnks @AnimalOnDrums that’s exactly what I was looking for… I knew I missed this while it was staring right at me…:slight_smile: much appreciated!

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