Ripping my CD's to new Nucleus. Problems with albums that have multiple discs

I’m a brand new Roon user. Purchased a Nucleus and ripping my CD collection. I am using an Apple Superdrive to rip the CDs.

When an album has multiple discs Roon has difficulty identifying the additional discs. If I use the “unidentified” procedure, Roon will usually identify the correct album and list all of the tracks on every disc of that album (on the leftt side of the screen). On the right side of the screen Roon will show a blank space and the correct playing time for the tracks on that recording. I have been unable to figure out how to list the correct song titles. If I save the disc information it will erroneously list the track titles of the first disc.

What am I doing wrong?

I think you need to try the merge function. I have used that numerous times to help identify second or third albums in a box set.

Take a look at this example of using the Merge function for box sets. Should give you an idea on how to tackle this…

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