Ripstreamer experience

Im considering of buying an old Ripstreamer. I can get it for an affordable price. Is there a way for ROON to find it? I think the OS is Vortebox. Anybody out there who have some experience?
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Find it, as what exactly, source of music or as an endpoint? If the latter if it’s based on Vortexbox then the you can assign an instance of Squeezelite to its soundcard output. Roon would be able to see this if you have Squeezebox support enabled in Roons settings and play to it. But I would check first that you can do this with Ripcaster. If the former then you should be able to enable smb share to see the contents over the network that you add as network storage.

Please keep in mind Roon does not officially support any Sqeezelite implementation, not do they test it.

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It works very well all the same never had one issue with it, which I can’t say the same for my official SB Radio with Roon. You just dont get the additional extras that squeezelite is capable of but it works extremely well.

If you want Roon to ‘find’ it you can install an instance of server software on it like Samba. That will make any files on it visible to Roon. Add an instance of Roon Bridge if you want to use it as an endpoint. RipStreamer probably has really old Linux on it so it won’t necessarily be straightforward.

A"good price" for an old ripstreamer running a really old version of Vortexbox would be approximately, FREE. :wink:

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