RME ADI-2 and HQPlayer

So just out of curiosity, what DAC are you using for HQPlayer 4?

With HQPlayer using RME ADI-2 FS DAC (V2).

I’ve read about this DAC and heard that it is very good.

So in reality, how does this DAC compared to Chord Mojo?

It’s designed to be connected to power amps (including those in active speakers).

So that’s a big plus , considering what we were just discussing !

So many features, including very powerful headphone amp.

To have a good idea of the features, have a look at the manual for it. It’s probably the biggest and best user manual of any component in pro and consumer audio.

@jussi_laako (the HQPlayer developer) has one ! As well as others.

how about the SQ compared to Mojo?

In which use case?

HQPlayer case.

Both great! But features very very different.

Best to try and demo one if you can. This way you can hear differences in your system.

I never had both at the same time to compare.

In Vietnam, RME is hard to find. Chord is more popular.

Hey do you know about iFi like iDSD Diablo? I’d like to have one to try the DSD output from HQPlayer 4.

Ah ok. Better to stick to something you can demo. Less purchase risk.

I don’t know much about iDSD Diablo sorry.

it is good to know that there is not anything special about the “line level”. I have been believing that it is “clearer” comparing to normal volume mode. Now that I know this, I am now comfortably use the volume mode. it is much easier for me to control my power amp.

Can your RME reach 768kHz?

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It’s just a fast way to reach 3V rms. You can reach the same by manually changing volume and looking for the same ball colours.

Yes. You could contact RME and ask if you can demo/trial for free? Or to ask if there is a dealer closer to you.

It is more a pro audio product, so you might not see them in consumer shops but they might be around you with pro audio dealers.

Hey just curious again!

the RME has a very extensive EQ settings among other adjustments, so is that going to be overlapping with what HQPlayer can do for you based on the filter and NS/dither options?

It can overlap if you make it overlap! Or you simply turn off all the built-in EQ settings and no overlap with HQPlayer…

I find the EQ settings are useful for non-HQPlayer use…

Hi, this thread is about HQPlayer’s filters, of course you could be OT sometimes, but all the last posts rambling about the DACs it is not helpful, please message each other or open a separate thread.
Thank you

OK sorry about that!

Good point! I always want to modifying the output from my apple TV such as from Netflix via optical before sending it to my speaker.

Hey what is the SQ you getting out of the RME headphone jack?

Yes, good and simple use of EQ !

Very good, very powerful. My Focal headphones (all Focal headphones) are very easy to drive though, so even Mojo was very good. So for me, I don’t think about SQ because both are great. But features is the biggest difference.

But as mentioned, I never had both at the same time to compare.

You’ll need to try and demo if possible. Contact RME.

1000 people might say the RME is better but then you get it and you don’t like it.