ROCK And HDMI Audio Out [resolved - BIOS Settings)

I have been scanning the community here, and probably missed it, but how do I get my ROCK NUC (NUC7I7BNH) configured as an endpoint? I have the ROCK hdmi output feeding my Denon receiver, and the rock video output is showing up on the TV, but when I go into the Roon Settings…Audio, nothing shows under “Connected to Core”. Argh.

The HDMI connection does not talk back to ROCK like USB. There should be an Intel related option like HDA Intel PCH. Enable that.

I would find that setting in the NUC BIOS?

Nope. It’s in the Audio settings of your Roon Core. I have a Intel NUC 7i5BNH connected to a Denon AVR. Here’s what I’ve enabled:

It’s just occurred to me, my NUC is display port only. It makes no specific reference to HDMI in the settings.

Displayport to HDMI converters exist.

I don’t see anything under “Connected to Core”. Please see the attached pic.

That’s very odd. I’m not sure what’s going on here and why you can’t see the NUC audio hardware. I’ve moved this thread over to the “Support” category in the forum, and have flagged @support for you. Hopefully they can help you better than I.

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Thanks. @support, the receiver my NUC7I7BNH is connected to is a Denon 3808ci (In case that matters) and, like I said, I do see that the NUC is outputting video thru the HDMI, so I know the NUC is connecting to the receiver. Is there anything I need to to check in the NUC bios to enable audio hardware to show up in Roon?

Do you have HDMI/HDA/onboard audio stuff turned on in the BIOS? It looks like you have it disabled there.

you need that enabled for all the ports to show up in “Connected to core” section of settings.

I will double check that tonight. When I first set up the ROCK I did not have plans to connect it to my receiver, so maybe I disabled that stuff in the bios. I will report back.

Sure enough, the Audio option in the BIOS was not checked. I checked it, saved and restarted, and I now see my ROCK in the “Connected to Core”. All is good, thanks for the help!

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