ROCK as endpoint with no sound output

My trial setup is as follows:

  • Roon server on QNAP NAS with music files
  • NUC7i3 running ROCK connected with HDMI to my Denon AVR-X4300H
  • iPad Pro as Roon Remote

My problem:

I do not hear a single tone coming out of my speakers. The files I am selecting thru Roon Remote on the iPad do work and play fine when streamed using my Sony BDP & Music Center (iOS app).

The signal path shows pink diamonds and the Denon sees a multi channel signal as input, but does not put sound out. Even though, the Denon output info shows multi channel, too.

My test sound files are DSF either stereo or 5.1 file.
FLAC, AAC and MP3 files do yield sound …

Any hint to solve this, is highly appreciated …

Disable DSD. Denon HDMI input does not support DoP, only native DSD or PCM.


AJ - thank you for your quick reply!
However, it was my hope to have a one shop solution for all my music files including native DSD.

What is the limitation for native DSD?

  • Roon Core on QNAP?
  • ROCK OS? Or - NUC7i3 HW? As Roon endpoint ?

Ideally, I would like to use my Sony UBP-X800 as an Roon endpoint, but that is yet another topic …

After searching more in this forum, it is my understanding that Roon Core on QNAP does not support native DSD due to Linux kernel issue.

ROCK and NUC7i3 as well as my Denon AVR do support native DSD.

Is this correct?

Configure Roon to convert DSD to PCM at either 176.4 kHz or 88.2 kHz. One or both will work. Problem solved.


Even though I am sure I wouldn’t hear the difference, I would like to try the native DSD approach (compared to convert DSD to PCM) …
I will now move the Roon Core from QNAP to the actual ROCK (moving database and license, but keep music files on the QNAP).

ROCK’s kernel was patched to support native DSD. Therefore, it should provide native DSD from the ROCK NUC via HDMI to my Denon, shouldn’t it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well - seems that something is still not working properly.
ROCK is now my Core and connected via HDMI to my Denon. But native DSD does not work (e.g. no sound or ‘cracks’).
For the audio setting: what would I select for native DSD?

DSD convert to PCM works, but isn’t what I want
DoP isn’t support by my Denon
And dCS yields cracks as sound (btw dCS stands for?)
Should there be here another option for native DSD?

Is this still an kernel issue of ROCK OS?