ROCK: Bluetooth speaker support?

Hi All,

this is my first post in Roon Community.

I am going to setup an Intel NUC + ROCK, and I would like to use my Vifa Helsinki Bluetooth speaker as an output directly connected to the Core.

Does ROCK support Bluetooth speakers? Is it allowed such a configuration?


Check out this solution from our chief tinkerer:


Dear @xxx,

thanks for your reply.

Obviously the Vifa is not my “main system”.
Anyway, it is not a $15 gear but a $400 one that has a very pleasant sound (even if stereo separation is limited): if possible, it would be nice to integrate it in my Roon setup.

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Don’t pay attention to me, I’m a cranky old man.

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Dear @orgel,

thanks, I will consider this solution.

However, in my case I have a x64 architecture and not a raspberry pi: it would be nice to find some “native support” (= without additional plugs), if possible.

I did not support bluetooth in ROCK…i will look into it, but dont hold your breath.

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