ROCK - buying a new NUC with Windows 10 pre-installed is this ok?

I am going to change my NUC i3 for a new NUC Intel TIGER CANYON NUC11TNHI7 but I see it is sold with Windows 10.

Is it a problem, or I need just to format the hard drive and install the ROCK.

Thanks for help

You have to turn off secure boot in the UEFI settings, then simply install ROCK as described in (details with function keys might differ), it will take care of the formatting

But i3 is too slow or why you are changing your NUC btw? It wont improve SQ for sure.

yes too slow

thanks for help. I need to learn what UEFI and secure boot is…

UEFI is the new boot firmware and mechanism of PC hardware. What BIOS was in the past (it’s still often called BIOS even when it’s actually UEFI - a bit confusing). That’s the big change from NUC10 and earlier to NUC11, that NUC11 uses UEFI. But for the user, the menu during boot looks largely the same.

UEFI supports secure boot, which uses digital certificates to allow only the booting of approved & digitally signed operating systems. Most likely, the NUC has enabled it by default.

However, ROCK does not work with secure boot (and there would be no real benefit to it), so you need to turn it off.

Is your music local or is it on a NAS? Pulling from a NAS can still be a bottleneck.


If you want to maintain your Windows license then replace the M.2 drive , windows will stay on the old SSD .

A 128 (if you can find one will do) if not a 256 is probably cheaper than a Windows license

I have one in my drawer from a Broken windows tablet

I have my library in a external disk 4TB
Directly usb to the NUC
I have not any interest in keeping the windows in the new NUC but majority of sellers sell with windows installedi

Thanks a lot for help

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Hi again
Might be somebody could help
I got my new NUC i5 with windows 10 installed
I have my NUC connected to Ethernet and as well my Mac
But the Mac does not recognize the NUC in the Ethernet and I am unable to acces the NUC in order to desactĂ­vate and download Roon
Any advice?

Do you have a monitor keyboard setup on the NUC?

If not you will need to do so to get it configured. (Temporary Connected)

If so, then make sure that the firewall is set to “Private” and not “Public”.

You will also need to add a password to the user account for sharing and remote access.

Hope this helps.


You don’t need to do that. Once Windows is activated on a PC, you could reinstall many times and it would stay activated. So, you could install ROCK on that hard drive and someday, you could install Windows 10 or 11 on that hard drive (or any hard drive) and it should stay activated.

Follow the instructions. It doesn’t work the way you are trying.

Note: It is not reflected yet in the guide, but with a NUC11 you may have to deactivate “Secure Boot” in the BIOS as well

Hi thanks a lot
So I download Rock in my Mac copy the image disk in a usb stick and plug-in it in the NUC I will get the configuration?

It when reading seems I need to use a keyboard and screen to prepare the NUC before plugging the usb
I was thinking doing it using my Mac through Ethernet link

You absolutely need to connect a screen and keyboard temporarily. There is no way the NUC can do anything meaningful over a network before it has booted an operating system, and the operating system is currently Windows, so that’s the only thing it can boot at this stage.

More or less. You may also have to tell the NUC to boot from the USB, and not from the internal disk with Windows.

But you can try - if it boots Windows, turn it off and start it again.

Then enter the NUC’s boot menu and tell it to boot from the USB like this: Turn on the NUC and press the F10 key on your keyboard. Continue to hold the F10 key down until you see at a menu that is asking you which device you’d like to boot from. Choose the USB. (In case F10 does not work, turn the NUC off again, then turn it on and press F2 again)

Then it should try to boot the ROCK installer from the USB and install it.

If booting from the USB still fails after you do this, you may have to turn off “Secure Boot” in the BIOS like this:

Thanks a lot for help
I got to disable the secure boot in the NUC after connecting the keyboard and using the TV display connected with hdmi
I have still installed the Windows 10 in it.
The problem I have now is that after downloading in the usb pluged in my MAC the “ img.gz using etcher no problem selecting .ingenieria.gz as the image, but when trying to confirm the USB drive as “the drive”
I can not get it.
Would be feasible to just uncompressed the img.gz and use it to install in the NUC?
This more difficult than I though….

You are making progress, but I don’t understand what this means:

These are the instructions:

Why do you have an “ingenieria.gz”?

No, you cannot simply unzip the img.gz and put it on the USB. For booting a computer, the disk/USB must have a very specific structure that is very different from a normal data disk. This is created when “flashing” the img.gz to the USB with Etcher by following the instructions. (The computer hardware is very dumb - it does not know how to boot. All it knows is that if it is configured to boot from USB, it must look in a very specific place on the USB to find the information for how to boot. This information is only created on the USB by following the instructions, not by simply copying the img.gz file to it)

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Sounds like you might have downloaded the file onto the USB drive? The downloaded file needs to be on a different drive than the USB drive you will be using to install on the NUC.