ROCK can’t find Amazon Echo Dot, LaMetric Time

Roon Core

Intel NUC8i5BEH, 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz, 256GB SSD M.2
External 500GB SSD (music library)
iPad and/or Android phone


Ethernet via Mesh Network, getting network switch install soon.

Audio Devices

Auralic Aries Mini (wireless connect to Auralic’s Lightning DS)
Topping D90 MQA
Integrated Amp Krell KAV-400xi, Sonus Faber Concertino Domus, Topping A90 headphone amplifier.

Description Of Issue

Hi, first post in this forum, please bear with me, I have read few interesting threads before to get my Roon, ROCK setup.

They work flawlessly.
Only when DAC is turned on, it will wake up Aries Mini, then Roon able to detect audio source.

Having tested Roon with remaining three days in free trial. Most likely will go for lifetime subscription.

Roon can’t find my Amazon Echo Dot, LaMetric Time from the setting/audio, are they supported?
I can see Amazon Echo Dot, LaMetric from Spotify music source though.

Hello @Auron_Lim,

Thanks for getting in touch. The truth is, support for the Amazon Echo Dot is a feature request at this time. You can find possible work arounds and more details here:

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Thanks for the link.

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