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I have some files/directories that seem to have corrupt file permissions. The files do not show up in the roon UI at all, they are not listed under corrupt files. If I browse to the SMB share \rock\data\Storage\InternalStorage/xxx and highlight the ‘corrupt’ directory i cannot delete it. comes up with a windows permission issue. I am logging onto the share as guest.

Can you post a couple of screenshots of Windows File Explorer - one showing it accessing a directory without error, and one showing a corrupt directory?

It certainly sounds as though you may have a corrupt file system on the internal storage disc; what is it, BTW?

If you have a backup of your music files held on this disc, then you could try (using the Web Administration Interface):

  1. Stop your Roon Server
  2. Format the Internal Storage
  3. Restore your music files
  4. Restart Roon Server.

However, it may be that what you are seeing is a symptom of a developing hardware failure of the disc, so you may run into this again.

Seeing that your accessing this via SMB, do the files or folders your accessing have any special characters. Such as:

è é í û ö å æ ū

If so, you may have to change them to standard characters locally on the machine they are on, not via SMB. Then the files and/or files may show correctly.

Hi @Chris_Henderson,

We wanted to check in as some time has passed. Are you still experiencing this issue?

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