ROCK could listen to DHCP option 42 to use for NTP Servers [not on roadmap]

ROCK today uses and for NTP Time services. As an owner I would like some control over the external services are used to talk to/ping home to.

You don’t think that would be in a different direction than the desired “appliance” behaviour of the ROCK? :slight_smile:

This way it can be an automatic setting. No need to supply config values in an ui, the appliance can use the value provided via dhcp.

Using DHCP options to set things like this is 100% in the “appliance” behavior of ROCK.

Would be nice if they exposed it in the static options as well.

@Stef_van_Hooijdonk have a vote!


The more you can fiddle with, the greater the chance of causing a support issue. It is locked down for a good reason.

Quite the opposite, the reason some people have issues is because it is locked down.

Why do you think roon tell people to change their DNS etc, there’s nothing wrong with the ISP DNS but only roon that have issues.

For example Innuos use google DNS by default if it can’t reach that it drops back to the one assigned by DHCP.

If Roon insist on people using google or cloudflare why don’t they do the same and hard code it to use or and if they are unreachable use DHCP?

Roon want users to change their infrastructure to suit roon rather than write their software to work with infrastructures.

This feature request has zero chance of being accepted by roon.

“If Roon insist on people using google or cloudflare”

They don’t anymore a new infrastructure was put in 918.

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This is not something we plan to do with Roon OS (ROCK).

If you require this, you should run Ubuntu or some other Linux distribution.