ROCK Data Directory not found

Not able to find the ROCK data directory to insert the Codecs. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Larry

By the way, I just installed ROCK on NUC7i5BNH. Everything went smoothly, and I was about to insert the Codecs but not able to see the ROCK OS’s Directory.

Hi Larry,

Here’s info on accessing Roon’s OS Data Directory.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg, thanks, i did follow the instructions but all I see is what I captured on the screenshot.

Hi Larry,

To get where you are in the screenshot, you would type in the IP address of the ROCK core machine in a browser.

To get to the Roon OS Data Directory, you need to follow these instructions:

Accessing Roon OS’s Data Directory

With ROCK running on your network, you can access Roon OS’s /Data directory like any other SMB share.

  • Windows - In Windows Explorer, type \\ROCK\
  • MacOS - In Finder, click Go , then Connect To Server . Then type smb://ROCK/ and connect as a Guest

Are you using Windows or Mac to try and access ROCK?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Grey,

This is what I got when I type \ROCK\


are you on a PC? “\\rock” in Windows FILE explorer (not internet explorer) should get you there…
you may need to try “\\rock\data”

in windows10 you can “map network drive” on the “this PC” page in windows file explorer and add it…

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Thanks, bearFNF.
Silly me, I thought instruction is for Internet Explorer —

Once you mentioned File Explorer, I got it. Thanks a million. I am set, I just copied ffmpeg to the Data / Codecs Directory.

Regards, Larry

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By the way, where does ROON core store the playlist? On the SSD where the OS resides? Or on the harddisk where the music library is? Just curious.

They should be in the RoonServer\database directory on the OS drive according to the KB on backups…
“Accessing Roon’s Database…do not modify the Roon database stored in the RoonServer folder unless you know what you’re doing, as data loss is possible.”

Thanks. You have been of great help.

Above is the screenshot of what I see in the ROCK Data directory.
But on Roon site,
If I wish to add music library, I do not see the “Add Folder” in the Storage folder. Right now I have a external USB drive connected to the NUC running ROCK

And I selected this drive and the folder where my music library is located when I install Roon Remote. But I am wondering if I know which to add more music to the existing library or add another location, is this possible from \ROCK?

Oops, please ignore my question. I found my mistake. I should access this from Roon and not from \ROCK\ .

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