ROCK Database (SMB) unavailable after moving over to WIFI

I’ve searched trying to find some help but no luck… I have a Rock on NUC6i3, that has been connected directly to my Router (Lynkysy EA7500) and all was fine. I could access the SMB music database no problem from my Computer/controller (Win 10).

I just moved the ROCK and configured for wireless operation (same router), but now cannot access or find the SMB anymore. I am still able to access the ROCK interface via IP on my Computer/controller,… just can’t find the SMB on the Network,… I did make sure that SMB 3~ protocol was turned on in the Windows ‘Features’ section and have rebooted both devices since…

Any ideas on proper Window configuration for SMB access over WiFi as that is the only thing that has changed? Thanks for the help!!

As an extra step (after finding a related issue in the community),… I turned on ‘Insecure guest access’ for SMB in Windows group policy manager,… Now I do see ‘ROCK’ show up in the Network devices, but am still unable to access the Data share for internal music.

Do you have SMB 1 enabled for Windows, recent updates have turned it off.

YEs, SMB 1 and SMB Direct both turned on…

Is not applicable. It is for direct SMB connections for two PCs running Windows Server 2012 or later.

Hi @John_Slate,

What happens if you put \\IP_ADDRESS_OF_ROCK\Data in a Windows Explorer header (where
IP_ADD part is the actual IP of the ROCK)?

A quick update,… after turning off the computer (controller) for the night, This morning I am able to access. Not sure what changed as I had previously rebooted after making a registry edit and enabling SMB v1 in ‘Windows Features’… Thanks for all the responses and help. All is well now.

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Hi @John_Slate,

Glad to hear you’re up and running!
If you have any further issues, please do let us know, thanks!

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