ROCK didn't pick up new rips moved to internal stoarge

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core is Ethernet connected. WiFi for iOS device.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

~ 25K

Description of Issue

Ripped and copied to ROCK’s internal storage 7 CDs.
Four hours later, they still haven’t shown up. A forced rescan didn’t help.

Only after restarting ROCK do they show up -

Is it a big deal? I guess not, but it is a bug.

Hi @xxx,

To clarify, you’re using a CD drive connected directly to your ROCK box to rip?

I just did some testing on CD ripping changes that are on the horizon but I learned a bit more about it. In my case, I had to set the CD-Rips folder to be a watched folder since it placed this folder in the root of my storage drive rather than the watched “music” folder.


I rip on a WIN10 PC and into a drive connected to that PC.

I then move to the ROCK internal drive which I have mapped as a networked drive to the same WIN10 PC.

I will see if this is something being looked at in the future then. I was recently able to test ripping multiple CDs in succession when the drive was connected directly to Nucleus so that much is fixed. If I see something happening I will drop you a line.


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