ROCK Error Checking for update

Hello Max,
I have the same issue on my setup.
I have installed ROCK on NUC.

The only customisation are:

-bash-4.4# cat /identity/
-bash-4.4# cat /identity/image_info

Plus ssh public key.

I don’t think that there are any issues with connection to updates page (dots added for correct presentation in this post)

-bash-4.4# curl
<.!DOCTYPE html>
<.html lang=“en”>
<.meta charset=“utf-8”>
<.pre>Cannot GET /

What more logs can I provide to you?

Thank you,

Hello @Damian_Sidor ,

Can you please share a screenshot of your ROCK’s Web UI?

Are you able to perform an OS reinstall via that page?

How are your DNS servers configured, are you using Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS?

Hello @noris ,
I was actually using this button before to reinstall but it changed nothing.
I reinstalled whole ROCK system using USB drive (twice or three times) and it worked finally.
I don’t know what has changed.

I am using Google DNS:,
There a screenshot below, I think not needed anymore.

Thank you,

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