Rock for USB Multichannel

If one is using a DAC that doesn’t really support Linux, a NUC with Rock doesn’t help, right? For instance, a Motu dac for 8 ch audio via USB using the Roon Convolution Engine.

As far as I know, the only real option is a NUC with Windows 10 via USB direct to the dac is really the only option since my RPi4 with RoPieee will not work.

If the DAC does not officially support Linux as you say, then ROCK (Linux) likely won’t work.

Much safer bet with macOS and Win10.

Most pro audio interfaces these days are well supported on these OSs


I’m waiting on my NUC10i7FNH, SSD, RAM and fanless case. :wink: I’ll run W10 direct to the Motu and be done with it. This is still less expensive than the exaSound and probably sound just as good.

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Very nice!

I thought for a long while the Okto DAC8 was flawless with Linux (MC not stereo) but looking deeper, maybe not as flawless as I thought.

Linux strikes again :grinning:

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Yep, I found that one too along with the insane wait time I just can’t deal with all of that. The Motu Ultralite Mk5 @ $595 is a no brainer to me.

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That Motu will be as good as anything, especially when used with good room correction.

In one of my setups I am happily using a Focusrite (macOS) into power amps and at my dads place I setup a Denon AVR connected to macOS with 3-way DSP speakers plus 2 subs.

DSP crossover and room correction handled by HQPlayer and the Denon has 8 channel DAC and 8 power amps built-in and remote control for volume at the listening seat.

Just run the Denon in pure direct mode and it bypass all internal DSP - the volume control of Denon AVRs is actually in the analogue domain… chip based analogue vol control.

All the drivers are around 4 ohms and the Denon easily pumps over 100W into 4 ohms for all drivers. 100W on taps seems enough for him, he never gets close to maxing out volume. Maybe in a really large room that would be a limiting factor with the AVR solution.

But for his room works great and sounds incredible!

Funny thing is when I setup my preferred target curve in his room, both our rooms (which are on opposite sides of the country) sound strikingly similar, with completely different gear and room acoustics profile.

So the AVR solution works well in that room and is just one box with remote vol control. And connected to macOS endpoint, works as flawlessly as my Focusrite. Roon Core is in a different room. Not a single glitch ever. Which is great for me, not having any tech support phone calls !

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Sounds great!

Yeah, I’m going to use Audiolense for the whole setup. The only clunky part is volume. Have to set the Motu at a level then use Roon Volume for +/- from there. I really do like having a remote but not quite there yet. :wink:

Smart. Safety first :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any pro audio interface with a remote control.

Well RME’s new fireface can with their ARC USB remote but it’s wired . Good for a nearfield setup, not good when we’re sitting 10+ feet back.

Even with a 15ft long USB cable, yuck. Like Kii3’s POE powered wired remote

lol That RME device reminds me of being a kid with Atari with my siblings. :rofl:

Yeah, I figure once I get all of this done then the Linux Kernel 5.11 will be mainstream and RoPieee will work fine with MCH :wink:

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It doesn’t appear the latest kernel is all that’s required for the Motu to work though right?

Even that has it’s issues, per that other thread?

Or are you just hoping for the best (and a little luck) :grinning:

Yeah hoping for the best and a bit of luck as I’ve been for years now. I scoured the LinuxMusicians forum but nothing there for me. I suppose if I wanted to learn Linux and be a total audio nerd I’d write something but that’s just not me.

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Even that is not guaranteed to work trouble free. Can be a very “patchy” experience (pun intended!)

Yuck. Good thing I’m not doing that…I’ll leave it to the super nerds! Once it’s done, I can always take the NUC and put Rock on it and that will be my dedicated core so I’m not too worried about doing it this way. I’ve been using a W10 CAD machine for it and it doesn’t break a sweat but this will be nice to have one dedicated to it. Hopefully.

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This is exactly what I am looking to do.
Tossing up between a used Okto Dac8 pro and the Motu Mk5 lite.
The volume control on the Okto DAC 8 pro is a big plus, makes sense as its made for crossover duties.

Gents, with an interface like the Motu/Focusrite etc is used with Mac or Win10, are sample rate changes handled well with these pro interfaces? I have seen some other users struggling with Focusrite? sample rate changes, having to start stream twice etc.

I.e. Is it likely the interface will prefer a constant/up-sampled signal from Roon?
Just conscious about clicks and pops on sample changes using the Motu (Or Similar).

I thought I’d go with the Okto Pro but they don’t return emails and people are still waiting after a year of ordering. No thanks.