ROCK Hardware Primer

I m about to do this. I had question regarding expanding M.2 from 250 to 1TB so I could have both ROCK + Music files, but thats not advisable after reading through this thread - I get it.

For Internal SSHD you have ordered, the "NUC6i5SYH " has two slots? One for M.2 and one for SSHD - Both internal to SYH?

Yes both internal

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What’s the best method for getting 2 TB of music on an internal drive in a ROCK machine? Will Roon/ROCK have a method to do this from remote login and an attached USB drive? Copying over the network (especially from a remote machine with shares exposed) seems impractical.


just do it overnight…

you cant use the ssd/boot/m.2 drive for music at all, no matter how big it is.

Yes! I got it why too.

RBM - May I request you to write a step by step installation guide, once ROCK is released. There was a good installation guide written for Raspberry Pi - a very well written installation guide. It would be good if this is also done for ROCK. The info on kb is already good enough (I guess) but not for dummies like myself. Things like where do one get BIOs for NUC, should we power-on NUC first and it gets BIOS automatically, or we need to browse on other computer and download into Flash drive, NUC is raw and do we install ROCK on flash drive inserting on NUC or on other existing computer etc. - PLEASE! :innocent:


My i7 NUC is on order along with the SSD and memory so here is what I found:

BIOS update looks very straightforward, as does installing the memory and SSD.


It’s really all here:

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Right but you know for first timers like myself, its small little (stupid) queries :slight_smile:

Anthony - Thanks for Intel Link above. its getting clear, reading kb and intel link back and forth.

The exact file to be downloaded from link ( is BN0046.BIO for OS agnostic/Windows etc. – Please correct if its the right one.

Do we need any DRIVER - should we also install them? Like USB, HDMI, ETH etc

Thanks for the link to the BIOS update instructions. I was concerned about that part — I was afraid I might have to install Windows to do it.


yes most of it is there, but I too would like to know about whether any firmware updates are also needed after BIOS is done (HDMI and I think USB is mentioned by Intel). Does ROCK incorporate all these other motherboard drivers?

It is of no consequence to me as my ROCK will be a pure headless server/Core with only a LAN connection, but others may want to connect things to the USB interface for storage etc.


Also I see multiple BIOS update type/steps - listed here -> (
Need to figure which one to use. It will be good if kb is updated with the exact link to use for BIOS update.

if this stuff bothers you wait and buy a nucleus.


No. Just follow the steps in the ROCK Install Guide. It really is all there.

The Guide says:

“Flash the lastest BIOS version for your NUC. You can get those from Intel’s website. The easiest thing to do here is to format put the SYSXX.BIO file on a USB flash drive and enter the BIOS with this flash drive plugged it. Then use the menu to find the .BIO file on your flash drive and install it.”

So on the Intel page linked we are using a Linux USB device (not bootable) and you can use either the power button menu on the NUC (as described on the Intel link) or F7 to access the BIOS.

Perfect! Thank you

Just saw the new links have been added under ROCK_Install_Guide for, How to prepare NUC for ROCK installation -> [ROCK:_Updating_and_Configuring_BIOS_On_Your_NUC] ( (with helpful screen shots :innocent:)

Thanks for this too -> ROCK:_Storage_Basics

Request , when time permits, couple of more screen could help under Step-3 for following… :relaxed:

  • Set the proper Boot Settings (you may need to click “Advanced” first):
  • Use Legacy, not UEFI
  • Set the boot order to boot from your SSD first (you can drag the drives into the proper order if you’re -
  • using a mouse. Otherwise you can use the + and - keys
  • Disable Network Boot
  • Enable USB Boot but make sure the SSD has boot priority
  • You may need to enable the M.2 slot, depending on the BIOS version
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Jnan, you’re really serious about this. Cool.

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