ROCK Hardware Primer

For what I can see – you’re now officially part of the ROCK documentation. :slight_smile:

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The guides to required hardware and installation are nice and clear and most helpful. I will be having a go at this myself sometime soon and have a question: is there any way of loading/updating the BIOS and Rock without a USB keyboard and monitor? I have neither and wondered if it would be possible to do this via iMac terminal (as I’ve done with Dietpi)?

I don’t see an easy way to flash BIOS ’ blind’.
As for ’ monitor’, I just hook up via HDMI to my TV, works fine. Afterwards it runs headless.

Install here went smooth so far on my 6i7 Skull Canyon, restoring backup currently.

Thanks. Can you hook it up to a lap top (I have a win7 machine somewhere)?

Would not see how. Perhaps you have a friend\colleague\neighbour that can do it for you? It is only a one time thing.

Thanks again I am sure I’ll be able to think of something, even if it’s going to the local computer shop. On the laptop I thought ( in my naivety), USB from laptop to NUC, hdmi from NUC to TVs. But clearly not!

Would the i5 version of the recommended NUC work?

This one?

I don’t have a large library, but use the DSP function sometimes.

Also, any good inexpensive HDD you guys recommend for hosting the files (I realize the SDD has to be separate for the OS) that fits the NUC?

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It will work (it’s on Roon’s list of supported hardware), and it will support a modicum of DSP. Whether it will be sufficient to meet your DSP requirements, I have no way of telling.

FWIW, I’m thinking of going the same route. I currently have a 6th gen i3 - which is sufficient for my modest (1,000+) albums, and DSP with FLAC files. However, it struggles with DSP for DSD64 files. While I could get a 7i7 NUC, I thought that if I went for a 7i5, then I could always transfer the motherboard into an Asaka Newton S7 fanless case if the noise got on my nerves…

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that NUC7i5 will work fine, and probably will support all DSP other than the highest DSD upsampling in multiple zones.

this looks to be the cheapest 2.5" 2TB drive (I cant find a bigger one that will fit in the NUC)


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I am encouraged that more detailed information is coming out. I am officially ready to ROCK as all my NUC hardware arrived today. As others have found, 64GB drives are virtually obsolete, so had to get a 120GB drive. Will wait for the ROCK release before plugging anything in as I want to do the BIOS update and ROCK install in one go.

Wait no more :sunglasses:

Just seen that when I got back to the front page! Congratulations guys on this release; I have a busy weekend ahead of me now. :slight_smile:

Rock on Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi3H is running great!!!, excellent sound, as good as Audiolinux, i remove the original WiFi card, i’m using the internal LAN

Does ROCK improve sound quality?

Maybe expectation bias improved the SQ :wink:

I just purchased an i3 NUC on Amazon using the links Roon provided. I purchased both the 4GB and 8GB memory sticks since I couldn’t decide yet which one I’ll want. I’ll return the other. All that stuff will arrive this weekend via Amazon Prime, but the SSD drive won’t arrive until middle of June which seems like an eternity. Does anyone know where you can find one of these via Amazon Prime or at a big box store? I tried Staples and OfficeMax where I live in Washington DC but they don’t have it. The specific item is: Transcend 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS400 42 mm M.2 SSD Solid State Drive (TS64GMTS400)

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Opinions vary! Mine is that it depends what you were using before. If your system is already compartmentalized in a server - remote - bridge configuration, then not really. There may be incremental gains comparing a setup with a cluttered desktop machine going direct to DAC vs ROCK in the same configuration (lower noise floor due to reduced electrical “noise,” lower resource use, fewer background processes etc?) but rationalists would probably argue against that as well. ? there is also the ZTC ssd which is prime on amazon

Hello ROCK Hard(ware) Gurus,

Do I need to consider the Endurance value (TBW-TeraBytes Written) when chosing a SSD or is the Roon Core mainly about performing read and not write operations?

I am about to downsize my current NUC6i5SYH for the purpose of ROCK replacing my current Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB (300 TBW) with an Intel 600p 128GB (72 TBW).

And yes, I have another purpose for the replaced SSD:-)