ROCK HDMI to OPPO 205 with MQA decoding

I had previously thought the MQA decoding by the 205 was via the USB IN only but the info states “The latest firmware update to the UDP-205 adds MQA decoding to the UDP-205’s digital audio file playback”. With all this time on my hands I decided to play around with the setup.

I have the Device Setup for the HDMI zone configured with “Enable MQA Core Decoder OFF”, and “MQA Capabilities Decoder and Renderer”. The NUC has HDMI to the OPPO HDMI IN and the OPPO HDMI output to a Denon 8500H.

The MQA files are playing, the signal path has MQA Authentication displayed, but the OPPO does not show any indication that it is processing MQA files. With the USB in the display on the TV does show MQA file processing but with HDMI there is only the NUC boot screen.

Since the music is playing does that mean the MQA files are being decoded correctly by the OPPO?

Would the music be playing either way?

Hoping someone will know and advise.

I don’t think Oppo MQA decoding works over HDMI. Only via USB or built-in file playback using Oppo GUI.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’m not up to date on the MQA process but did read some information this morning. So, a MQA disc will play at CD quality if the setup isn’t able to decode MQA.
That’s what had me confused.

May I ask if Tidal Dolby Atmos Music is working on the Oppo ?

Roon does not support Tidal Dolby Atmos music at this point, I believe.

Normally when I play a movie in the OPPO with the Dolby Atmos sound track the receiver is showing the Dobly Atmos processor being used in the display.

When I play an album in Roon that is supposed to be Dolby Atmos the Receiver display is showing Stereo. Based on that I would have to say it is not working.

Someone has mentioned about MQA full docode of OPPO 205 via upnp network