ROCK How to load song tracks on to it

Hi guys, am using intel nuc 10i7fnh may I know how can I put songs into my hard disk? Since there is no windows installed I cannot access the disk to drop my songs into it. Any suggestion?

You don’t say what your setup is but assuming you are using ROCK on the NUC:

This covers most other questions you may have:

You will need an additional internal drive to copy music too, or use an external one formatted to FAT and copy files from your computer to that then move it to the ROCK setup

I cannot just drop and put in the drive ?

Not on the primary drive that holds the ROCK operating system. You would need a secondary internal drive in the NUC, or alternatively an external USB drive.

No - you MUST format the additional internal drive first using the Web Administration page before you can copy music to it. Please read this article:

What about chord qutest driver ? How can I install it into rock?

I don’t own a Chord Qutest, but looking at the user manual it says this:

Qutest is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including Mac OS
X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android systems. Drivers are required for
Windows-based operating systems and these can be located on the
product page on the Chord Electronics website:

So, I infer from that that you don’t need a driver for your ROCK/NUC, since it is running a version of Linux.

hi sue,

what your setup like?

ROCK > QUTest > ?? > ??

I don’t have a Qutest, I just searched the forum for how other people are connecting their NUC to the Qutest

Once you have your HDD setup via internally or externally, you’ll then be able to drag and drop files over the network. If you use an external then you can just have this connected to your PC/Mac and drag all the files over and then connect it to your ROCK. You have a few choices. So pick what’s best for you. :blush::+1:t2:

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No need for a driver, roon Rock will see it. The driver is required for windows, not an issue here.