Rock in apple mini or nuc

I have a doubt.
I have the option to buy an apple mini a1347
I5 4278U 256g 8 gb memory
In the other side i have the option to buy a gigabyte mini pc i3 with intel 4010u 8gb memory and ssd 256g with windows
What is recommended. The mini apple for rock (adding open core patcher) or the gigabyte mini pc?

Mac mini all the way, just so you have the option of Audirvana

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Thanks but rock could works?

ROCK may not run on a Mac Mini (even an Intel one) or not easily as it probably doesn’t have the drivers, but you might get around that e.g. with a an external USB ethernet dongle like here:

or here:


  • It will be unsupported
  • Open Core Patcher does not come into this because ROCK is an operating system and replaces the macOS

On the other hand, ROCK is not supported on a Gigabyte Mini PC either. You’d have to try with either if it works.

I guess it comes down to which one has the faster CPU and that’s clearly the i5-4278U. (Though the i3 uses less power if you care about that). Also depends on your library size

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Not if he installs ROCK on it as he is planning

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Gigabyte mini pc, keep windows, load RoonServer. Done.


Maybe I misunderstand you here, but Audirvana runs fine on a Windows pc too.


does it really ? I didn’t know.

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