ROCK Install Feedback

Just installed ROCK on my NUC. Worked a treat. I installed from a USB Stick following the instructions in the ROCK installation guide - just remember to change the filename of the image when following the instructions to that of the downloaded file (On Mac).

Playing music from ROON as I type this.

Great work guys!

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Yup – just upgraded my main core to ROCK (NUC6i5/16GB/128GB NVME). All fine and lightning fast (install and performance).

Restored the database from backup (external USB3 HDD) – only took about a minute (DB for 18K tracks) – percentage jumping up by 2/3 digits at a time. :slight_smile:

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Decompressed the .gz ROCK install file with Winzip, but what is a recommended tool for the .xz file with the codecs? Gazillion long-winded answers on the internet.

I use 7 Zip.


Re-installing ROCK it is a little bit of a challenge. If just selecting to wipe out everything, it will throw an error like failed to write MBR or /dos, etc.

I was able to get around this by repairing the original install, then keep on doing a fresh install several times. It took me at least 5 reboots to install it successfully after that.

Ideally, the original ROCK partitions should be wiped out clean in a re-install. It doesn’t seem that is the case.

tell me what you did to get it to have errors… what situation were you in, and what did you do?

[quote=“danny, post:7, topic:26186”]
tell me what you did to get it to have errors… what situation were you in, and what did you do?[/quote]

This was when I got stuck on the network with dual ethernet. The system just hangs in there even when presented with the IP to access ROCK from the browser. Rebooting the system did not help.

By the way, this was before your gateway/dns fix so there will be less chance of re-installing ROCK now.

Some of the the errors I got are shown below. These errors recycles after re-installing ROCK and rebooting the server for 3 to over 5 times before finally installing correctly.

this is either a bad USB flash drive or your write did not succeed… how did you burn it?

I just did a brand new install of ROCK and no issues. Did your install stick went bad or corrupted?
Edit: @danny beat me to it.

I burned it using Etcher and after successful verification by Etcher. Interesting because install will be successful after subsequent reboots.

Hopefully I will no longer re-install ROCK because I like my setup right now but I will try another USB stick next time and report back.

that sounds like a failing drive – Sorry to say, but I wouldn’t trust that install. You can recover over the current install and all will be surely fine.

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Installed ROCK on a NUC7i5BNK w/ 8gb RAM and a 250gb SSD-- no issues. I was shocked at the SQ improvement over a Fidelized, i7 Win10 computer!

I did a straight computer swap. Didn’t change anything else.

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Installed ROCK on a NUC6i5 with my son, everything went smoothly.
Too much RAM and M.2 SSD, water under the bridge.

I’ll install on my own Win10 5i5 next.

Installed Rock on NUC7i7BNH, very quick and straightforward, great instruction documentation.

I have a small collection (~600 albums/~11K tracks) and installed ROCK on a NUC7i3NBH/4GB with a 1TB internal spinning drive for music files. The installation went very smooth without any hiccups. It took a little over an hour to copy my music files (350GB) over the network from my WDMYCLOUD backup to the Internal Storage and done!
Tested streaming highres files simultaneously to 3 endpoints and works like a charm. Love the freedom of not having to run the core on my laptop all the time.
Happy camper! Thanks Roon, you guys rock :slight_smile:

97 MBs is quite a transfer rate, what’s your network setup? How did you make the copy?

I’m usually in the 80s range.(peak to 90s) (simple DLink Gigabit switch, cat 6 cables)
Made the copy via my windows 10 laptop (drag&drop)

Rock installed on NUC65iSHY/250Gb m2 sata/8Gb RAM…
Running fine since day one…
Upsample everything to dsd128…to concero hd dac.
Sound quality is exellent…

But it is missing some magic wich I had when using Linux/Roon Server/Hqplayer…

Would love to have ROCK and Hqplayer on the same NUC…
Any chance that will happen in the (near) future?

I stream from ROCK to another computer wich runs Hqplayer
and the sound is really more magical…but it is insane to use two computers just to play some music…

Am I the only user that would love this???

That is a strange request. If ROCK becomes something that has to live with another product, it cannot be optimised, it can’t be ROCK. In fact too much consideration would need to be given to the needs of HQPlayer as it would require its own optimisations to use the power it requires.