ROCK Installation Problem

I am at the final stage of ROCK installation, where I’ve rebooted and am supposed to see the Roon screen displaying the IP address of the ROCK. Instead, it is displaying Manufacturer, Model, OS, Serial and Hostname. Then it says "Searching for network address… If this persists, please check your network connection.

Is the NUC supposed to be connected to a network at this point?

Do you have a network cable plugged into the NUC?

No, I do not.

Best plug one in and connect it to your LAN.
Let us know how you get on.

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Then, as you might have guessed, I suggest that you plug in a network cable so ROCK can see your network. After you plug it in, ROCK should get an IP address, you should be able to log on to the config page and you should be able to connect a remote.

What was your planned audio chain? Generally speaking, the server should be connected to the network via Ethernet.

I am going to use ethernet, and now understand my problem. Thank you.