ROCK issues after overnight idle - network errors [Resolved - TIDAL subscription did not renew]

After an overnight idle period, I’ll often get errors indicating that the ‘current track’ that it might have been paused on before is now “not available on Tidal”. Backing up in the queue and playing again works fine.

Similarly, some sections of the TIDAL section will show network errors if accessed right after the long idle (overnight), even though the network has been up and fine the entire time.

This is with ROCK on the recommended i7 NUC.

I’ve never seen anything like this with a Skull Canyon running W10 and Roon… ideas?

restarting did the job here. Although far from ideal.

Hi @David_Nanian — Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you’ve made with our team. The insight is appreciated.

Moving forward, can verify for me if this behavior is reproducible every time the device is left in an idle state? If it is indeed, can you please provide some further insight, procedurally speaking, as to what you are doing inside the app (or out) before this behavior occurs.

Lastly, can you please provide me with the details of your network configuration/topology, being sure to verify how ROCK is being assigned it’s IP address and confirming the make/model of the router being implemented.


FYI, I saved a support package before I restarted the device in case it’s of use.

The only unusual thing I do – and I recognize it’s not the kind of thing most users (or you) do – is, because of testing efforts here, I often change routers. When I do that, I carefully take the entire network down, and all switches are powered off and back on to force each device to retrieve a new DHCP IP address. I haven’t encountered any problems with the other devices on the network (all 88 of them or so)…and ROCK does seem to retrieve a new address, since refreshing does “recover” until the next idle period.

The routers involves are:

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite
  • Linksys Velop
  • Google WiFi
  • eero

Everything runs in 192.168.1.x except when Google WiFi is involved, since that forces the range to 192.168.86.x (don’t ask me; their weird decision). But the router switching hasn’t changed at all from when I was using a Windows NUC rather than ROCK: I’ve done this for a long time, which is why I reported it - it’s kind of weird.

Hi @David_Nanian ----- Thank you for the follow and the provided insight, both are appreciated.

If you have some logs available from when you noticed this behavior occurring, can you please share them with me via a dropbox download link?


I sent it as a PM, Eric. Let me know when you’ve got it so I can get it out of my Dropbox.

Hi @David_Nanian ---- Thank you for the follow up and the PM, confirming that the content has been received.

We’ll let you if we come with anything based on the information found in the logs. Your patience is appreciated while our team conducts their evaluation.


Just had two more cases where a paused ROON CORE proceeded through a Tidal track and said that it was “no longer available” (even though it is, and it had been sitting in the queue for < 12 hours)…

EDIT: OK, at least this error is explainable. Looks like my TIDAL subscription didn’t renew, but I also got no warnings. ROON said it was logged in, the tracks were appearing.

I figured it out by going back to my original Skull Canyon NUC. After restoring, I wasn’t able to log into TIDAL. It didn’t give any reason why: it just said the login was bad. I could log into the web version without any problem, though…but after puzzling (and puzzling) I noticed that my account type on the main screen was “TIDAL Intro”…which was wrong, since it should have been TIDAL HiFi.

My credit card was missing from my TIDAL settings (again, no idea why - I’ve been subscribing for a long time.

Anyway, re-added a card, and poof, I was able to log in. I’ll run like this for a while, then go back to ROCK and see if that works too.