Rock loses connection to WD USB Drives and Network Access

Roon Core: NUC i7 512 SSD (build 183)
Roon Server: Version 1.7 (build 505)
2 WD external USD Drives (12 TB for Music and 2 TB for Backups)
Lumin T1 via Ethernet

Hello all.

For Performance reasons I just changed from my old configuration (iMac mini running roon; Music files on a Synology NAS) to a NUC System with 2 WD external drives (one for music one for backups).

The performance is much faster (good news).

But for the second time this night the NUC

  1. lost his connection to both my WD external USB drives and
  2. I can’t reach my NUC trough my ethernet (both web browser and SMB connection aren’t replying).

My Qobuz Streams and Internet Radios are still working and I can reach my roon system via all my apps (iPhone Macs,…). So they do find the core.

This happened not every night. So I guess it hasn’t anything to do with power management.

I don’t know how to make a restart manually so I had to switch off power (nothing I want to do a lot).
I changed from the NAS (2 drives) to the external USB 3 WD (Elements) because I hoped to increase the system performance further…

Any ideas

NAS is fine for library sources. You can access the ROCK interface by opening a web browser and going to the IP address of the rock or possibly with http://rock or http://rock.local

There you can stop and start and reboot the ROCK server.

Make sure you’re connecting the USB HDD to the back of the NUC, not the front.

Are you using the original power supply for the NUC?

Hello Wizardofoz

Thanks for pour reply.

I can’t access the Roon interface via web browser and IP Adress or http://rock after the “crash” (USB devises aren’t accessible from the NUC anymore).
So I can’t reboot from there…

Thanks wklie,

I am using the original power supply and the USB HDD in connected at the back.

Try using a different network cable for the NUC to a different network port. Power cycle the whole network and all network devices starting from the router.

Do you have anything configured as static IP?

Try using a different network cable for the NUC to a different network port.

Different to what? It’s only the NUC and attached to that the WD external Drive

Power cycle the whole network and all network devices starting from the router.
We are talking of around 100 devices. I don’t want to do that

Do you have anything configured as static IP?
Yes. But the NUC is DHCP

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

This sounds like it could be a networking issue, especially considering the NUC is not accessible via web browser/smb. Can you provide some more information regarding your networking setup, including model/manufacturer of networking gear? Does this same behavior occur from multiple PCs/devices on the network or just one device?

I believe the suggestion here is to try a different Ethernet cable connecting the NUC to another port on the router/switch. Sometimes cables or ports go bad, so it’s good to rule this out.

… I do have access to the Roon NUC via the webbrowser.
But it only shows a spinning square, like it was working.
So I don’t think that we are talking about a network issue.

I had to stop power supply and after the reboot the system was working well again.
I reconfigured the connection to the WD USD drive (disconnected and reconnected again) and will wait now until (hopefully not) next time.
If it happens again I think I have to bring the NAS as library back to work.
It was just that I read here somewhere than the USD direct connection would be faster and better…

It is. If it is not working correctly, then it is a symptom of something else; including potentially a hardware issue.

I would unplug the backup drive and see if the issue occurs with only the one drive plugged in.

Agree. Sounds like a HDD problem to me, perhaps a bad sector.

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

It sounds like you have next steps here, it could potentially be a hardware issue.

If the behavior occurs again, there might be some more clues in your Roon Logs, you can use these instructions to locate and upload them, I can take a look if you want.

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