ROCK network question

I’m currently running Roon core on an HP MicroServer and I’m considering moving it to ROCK.
In ROCK there are separate tabs to configure Ethernet and Wireless.
Is it possible to configure ROCK with the Ethernet connection and the Wireless connection on different subnets?

I’m using a WatchGuard firewall appliance, an HPE managed switch and 3 WatchGuard access points.
The access points use 3 SSID’s that are on different VLAN’s/subnets.One VLAN is bridged to the LAN.

I can currently use the Roon apps on my Android smartphone and tablet even with the Andoid device being on a different (bridged) subnet, but Roon does not see any wireless endpoints, e.g. Sonos Play 1 or Sonos Connect.

Would moving the Roon core to ROCK resolve this problem and would ROCK see the wireless endpoints on a different (bridged) wifi VLAN/subnet?

yes, and you can also use a usb ethernet adapter if you want.