ROCK new EFI build verses old ... ie 255 vrs 253 both EA

I have a 128GB drive that has 100% of 114GB available on B253, but a similar 128GB drive is only showing 86GB available on B255.

@danny does the newer B255 EFI really eat up so much additional space on a smaller drive?

No, but we reserved some more space for future expansion.

The legacy boot installs will not get those features.

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Huh? Which features? I thought …

OK those 64GB SSD’s are not going to cut it anymore then as only 27GB left for a library :man_facepalming: Even 128GB might be pushing the friendship for a larger library

I presume rock OS 2.0.

Me too, so there will be features that one doesn’t get with a legacy install and so there will be practical differences?

I think Danny said IS and current not will be :slightly_smiling_face:

Semantics. I’m just wondering what features might depend on the type of bootstrapping or the size of the EFI partition. I can’t imagine anything in the actual RoonOS or the Roon Server, figuring it must have to do with recovery.

I don’t know enough about it to know. Would the monitoring tools be put in there somehow, so outside a user accessible area?

:man_shrugging: No idea. It seems weird if all Nucleuses with legacy boots were left out of whatever new features those are

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