RoonOS (Nucleus / ROCK) build 254 production is live!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve issued an update for RoonOS and we have a major change along with some minor fixes which do need to be released.

The largest change in this build is support for booting via UEFI which is especially important as Intel phases out NUCs with legacy boot options. Taking this release as an update will not change your device to UEFI boot or require any other intervention. This change will only apply to new installations. There is no practical (or audible) reason to change from legacy boot to UEFI so there is no need to worry about which mechanism your existing device is using.

This build does include an update to the Linux kernel which, among many other changes, includes vastly improved support for USB storage devices formatted with the exFAT or NTFS filesystem.

If you have encountered issues with CD ripping in the past then this build should correct that problem. If you have the time please test and report back your findings.

You will be presented with a prompt to update in Roon when your core performs its next update check. You may also visit the Settings → About page in Roon to check for an update manually. Updates to RoonOS have no impact on your Roon database or music files you have stored on your Nucleus / ROCK.

Please note that this version updates part of the mechanism that Roon uses for login and authentication. If you take this update using the prompts in Roon the process will be seamless. We strongly recommend that you not install this update by clicking the Reinstall button on the RoonOS admin page as that will require you to re-authorize your core and reset ARC. Neither of these issues will have a long-term impact, but will be inconvenient.

As always, thank you for your support!
The Roon Team


RoonOS build 254 production

  • Updated Linux kernel
  • Updated exFAT and NTFS driver
  • Support for UEFI added
  • Updated mechanism to switch between Roon branches
  • Corrected intermittent issues with CD ripping feature
  • Fixed several issues which caused the Reinstall command to fail
  • Several minor bugfixes and stability improvements