Booting via UEFI - Intel NUC 11/12 - HDMI audio

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(RoonOS (Nucleus / ROCK) build 254 production is live!):

That is great news - if I understand it correct :slight_smile:

Q: So now it is possible to use any NUC with ROCK? Even NUC 11 or/and NUC12?
Q: If the NUC has Intel HD Audio Technology, will HDMI audio devices show up in Roon settings → audio?



Hopefully the update to the Linux kernel will better support class compliant audio devices, like multi channel dac’s etc.

Mmh, what do you mean?
The Octo DAC8 pro has worked with the older Rock and the new Topping should also,
My current exaSound e68 isn’t compatible with Linux, but is able to use DSD256 in multichannel and for this I’m using a small Windows box with ASIO on it.

By the way: After the update to build 254, I’de to reactivate HDMI audio out, so there seems some updates in alsa and/or kernel.

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Well my Motu Ultralite Mk5 didn’t unfortunately. But I understand some other devices did.

FYI, Motu UL MK5, works perfectly under Linux with latest kernels.
I.e. Pi Ubuntu, later X86 Ubuntu’s, etc.

My Core has updated, so I’ll give it a go tonight. :wink:

EDIT - Lovely it works - Perfecto…
Thanks Roon.

I am guessing that it should now install on any NUC and most likely will work. What I don’t know is if specific models will be added to the list of supported NUCs like it was the case with the older ones

I don’t get it anymore. Before the ROCK update yesterday, I did not have HDMI audio output under “Roon - Settings - Audio”. I thought this was due to the fact, that don’t have a NUC that has “Intel HD Audio Technology”.

But this morning:

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Yes this is being discussed elsewhere, maybe in Early Access. In any case you are not the only one. Maybe you had the Intel audio disabled in the BIOS (I don’t think there are NUCs that don’t have them), but with UEFI there is more access from the OS level and that might be why they show up now anyway.

Look here:

That is the unit I have. NO “Intel HD Audio Technology”.


PS: But it is nice that it is working now :slight_smile: Roon HDMI Output :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly what this is saying. I see “No” HD Audio on the datasheet, but I have the NUC10i5FNH and its datasheet says the same, yet IIRC I always had the same devices as you in the Roon settings even before the new OS update, and I don’t know if these are the same thing.

The No HD Audio in the specs doesn’t say “no audio at all”, just

There seems to be no clear answer to that issue. Many comments are claiming that “No HD Audio” is the reason for no HDMI output.

BUT - I am happy now. Just enjoying:

in 5.1 :slight_smile:


But it does say further up “Audio (back channel + front channel) 7.1 digital (HDMI, Type-C)”.
Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile:

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