ROCK not working with Arcam D33 DAC

Roon Core Machine

NUC11TNKi7, Intel Core 11th gen, 32Gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router TP Link Archer C7, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam D33 dac via USB port (connected to Class II high speed port)

Number of Tracks in Library

No local library, only Tidal and Qobuz services

Description of Issue

Currently trying to use the DAC connected to a NUC running Roon Rock.
The DAC is recognized by Roon, yet no music plays.
The tracks of a list are automatically skipped as if a connection is tried without success.
If other destinations are selected, like an Android TV or the own system, the music plays normally. Also, when using Roon with Windows the DAC also works fine, leading to believe the subject is directly related to Roon Rock and D33 compatibility.

I found an identical caso in Roon community with the same DAC, applied all the steps but without success, leading to believe this is something related to a newer build version of Rock

Hi, @mjazz

How can I switch off the MQA USB HID?

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