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Rock installed on a Nuc10i7. Did I add ffmpeg correctly?

My problem:
I have no HDMI output options for audio output. No clue how to make that work. It is connected to my AV receiver.

HDMI output is working. But, no audio output options or options to be a screen.

Intel NUC 10 BXNUC10i7FNHN1

The hdmi audio out bios setting is on. It worked perfectly fine running windows 10.

Still not working. I tried a sudo command.

Can you show a screenshot of the Settings > General screen to confirm that you are actually connected to the Core running on the ROCK/NUC, and not still connected to the Core that was in your Roon on Windows 10?

(blank out your email address in that screenshot for privacy)

This is the HDMI out currently on nuc

Thanks for the screenshots. There is no need to blank out the IP addresses, as these are internal to your home network.

And in fact I see from the Settings screenshot that you appear to have an IPv6 address assigned to the ROCK/NUC. This should be an IPv4 address. So this leads me to suspect that something is amiss in your home network.

In order to help the Support team diagnose the issue, please supply full details of your network setup (router/switch hardware and configuration). Thanks.

Oh… I did not know that was what the “ffff” were. I’ll have to log into my router. It’s in my WiFi. Cat5 connections are still ipv4. I’ll hopefully fix it tomorrow.

I’ll have to get to this on Monday. I believe I have the network figured out.
My network drives are on a hardwired PC. The Rock is also hardwired. So that connection is solid.
I’m going to try this first: Success installing Rock on my new NUC10i7FNH! - #19 by otinkyad

Hey @Nick_Steffensmeier,

It’s so amazing to see you engaging with the Roon community in trying to find a solution, while we got to replying on this thread as well. Please, accept our sincere apologies for the delay :pray:

I was wondering, if your attempts to resolve this were successful. Is there anything we can do to help? :nerd_face: