ROCK on Holo Audio May L2 and "limitation" in sample rate


I’m using a Holo May L2 (via USB) which is rated for 1.5Mhz of sample rate. ROCK see this unit until 768Khz max. HQPlayer push the May until 1.5Mhz without any problem. Is there a reason for this limitation under ROCK? The same happens on roon server running on mac, obviously.

Many thanks, bye

Hi there.
I believe 768 is the max rate that Roon RAAT supports.

You could instead set Roon to convert your source material to DSD256. That will require more Roon core processing, which may stress your core machine. But in my experience, the May performs extremely well with DSD256 conversion (although that experience is with HQPlayer DSP rather than Roon DSP). In your situation, I’d experiment with that option rather than very high PCM rates.

It’s a feature request:

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