ROCK on NUC ... more than 10i

It is increasingly difficult to find 10i7 NUCs in Europe.
is it possible that rock could work, in the near future, on nuc 11 or 12???

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Eventually, there will be ROCK 2.0. And, I would assume that part of that upgrade would be the ability to boot UEFI, which the Gen 11 and 12 versions require. It has been stated as much in the “What’s coming in Roon OS 2.0” thread. As for time frame, no one but Roon devs really knows. They don’t give potential time frames.

I suggest get a NUC 11 or 12, load Windows or Linux on it. Use it until ROCK v2 comes out, and then decide if you want to switch. Windows and Linux work great too as dedicated RoonServers.


Alternatively find a NUC8i7 or NUC10i7 on the 2nd hand market.

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I am using an Intel NUC 7i7 with Debian (no GUI) for running RoonServer and HQPlayer Embedded. It is solid rock, easy to update (and upgrade Debian version) and fast boot.

Without HQPlayer Embedded and with a not huge library, it would work with i5 and i3 processors.

If you are comfortable without a GUI, a Linux box is a nice option. Of course, ROCK is simpler to run, but if it is not an option…

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thank you
i will stay with my nuc 7i3 and wait roon 2.0

Check out ‘Beelink mini pc’ on Amazon as an alternative.

That’s what I have done, but with a NUC7i7DNKE which using a Gen8 CPU (4 core, 8 threads) but still at 15W TDP, and retired my NUC5i3s to backup ROCK servers.
In addition to a technology jump from Gen5 to Gen8 silicon, I have been able to use a NVMe PCI Gen3 SSD in the NUC7 where the NUC5 was restricted to M.2 SATA SSD, which is a significant performance boost.

I’m pretty sure that while there is a performance advantage on paper, ROCK doesn’t actually leverage that performance boost. I chose on the basis of quality vs. cost and at that time I could get a quality SATA drive for less.


you can buy here: Intel NUC | sklep


thank you , but only N version available (no hdmi audio)