ROCK on ProxmoxVE

Inspired by the Rock on ESXi post, tonight, I successfully managed to install ROCK on ProxmoxVE, which is a very powerful virtual machine platform, I’m using it for my home network and labs.

There are several tips for people want to try it:

  1. you can install via real USB stick, flashed with ROCK img. Just passthrough the USB disk to the VM.
  2. you need connect a physical keyboard to the host machine running ProxmoxVE, then passthrough the USB keyboard to VM as well. You will need it input the 1 in the select screen for installation.
  3. You need two disks, 1 is for installing ROCK, another one is for music file storage. both disk should be connected to VM as SATA disk. ROCK won’t be able to recognize SCSI disk.

that’s it. next is to find a good USB bridge.



I am also considering moving my Roon Server from a MacMini to a VM in a NUC.
Why did you choose to install ROCK instead of just Roon Server over Linux? What are the advantages?


My understanding is ROCK is a highly optimized Linux+ROON Server system(which means a lot of unnecessary service, process, components are removed, which might impact sound quality), the sound performance should be better than normal Ubuntu+ ROON Server, that’s the reason I used ROCK.

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Somehow suddenly my ROCK instance stopped working. It doesn’t even complete booting. I didn’t change anything as far as I know. In he console I get this:

Searching for network address...
If this persists please check your network connection.

And yet… all my VMs are working fine. I already removed and added the network interface to no avail. I’ll probably will just install it again from scratch :frowning_face:

Did this ever happen to you?


I guess you upgrade the latest roon os. Just shutdown the rock, in the hardware config page, change your network card model to intel e1000, and power on rock again. which will solve the problem.

Seems latest version, it does not support the virtio type network card anymore.

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Oh my!! Thank you so much for that precious information. I would never have found it! You saved me so much work :slight_smile: Thanks!! How did you find it, by the way?

You are welcome, I met the same problem day ago and solve it by that way:grinning:

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I guess I was happy that you bumped into it first! And solved it first too! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

I upgraded my Proxmox to 6.0 and Rock works fine.