ROCK on SonicTransporter


Will ROCK work on a Sonictransporter?



Well, it might as there’s nothing special about the ST’s hardware, but the real question is: why? The two are for more similar than different.


Why? Because ROCK does not come with hardware, and I need a machine to run ROCK in, right?

@thyname Why not a NUC as Danny suggests, it will be tested and supported.


Sure! I am looking into a NUC too, but it gets confusing in terms of specs, SDD, HDD needed, RAMs, etc. etc.

And, until ROCK is released, I would need a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to install Roon Core, right?

Please don’t mistake this as anything other than me wanting to make this 100% clear (as there still appears to be general confusion). In other words, this is more of a general statement to everyone rather than anything directed at you specifically.

ROCK is an operating system just like windows or Mac OS. The difference is that while you can run any program on those operating systems you can only run one program on ROCK ==>> RoonServer.

A NUC is a computer just like any other computer. Normally people load Windows on it and use it as a small form-factor desktop.

A Sonic Transporter (the box) is a computer just like any other computer except that it’s been custom-built to be fanless and is targeted at the audiophile market. On top of the hardware they’ve loaded their own operating system (a linux distribution) and a web interface for configuration. When you buy a Sonic Transporter you have no need for ROCK as the Sonic Transporter already has an operating systm.

ROCK is designed to install and function as the operating system on an Intel NUC. It might install on other computers, but since it wasn’t designed for anything other than a NUC it might not function as intended.

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When ROCK is officially released Roon will also provide specs for tested configurations (NUC, RAM, SSD, etc) so there should be no confusion in terms of what to buy. You’ll add three things to your cart on Amazon and you’re good to go!

ROCK is coming soon… really soon… so it might be worth waiting just a bit before you dive in.



Thanks Andrew!


Do you suggest I wait until ROCK is released before I purchase anything?

I currently have Core on PC, so not a big deal, and can wait. My endgame though, is to have it in a dedicated, headless machine, and free up my (buggy) windows machine.

Definitely wait until it is released before purchasing any hardware, as Danny says it is a turnkey solution you may be able to just assemble the NUC download the OS and put it on a USB stick, plug it into the NUC and power up and the install will be automatic, no monitor or keyboard or mouse required. Just speculation but that is why we all have to wait and see…



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Waiting for ROCK’s release would be the safest option. However, I have one of the NUCs to be supported by ROCK, and I’m running Windows 10 and Roon Server, headless, and I never have to mess with it. It works fine as it is. If I ever want to poke around in there, I just use Windows remote desktop from my laptop to get into the NUC. Really easy. I’m looking forward to ROCK just to see if the more simple, pared down OS will make an improvement in sound quality. Otherwise, I don’t need it to run headless.

Can you give me an alpha or beta version of ROCK, and I test this on my SonicTransporter i5 ? Then that question has been answered once and for all. (Maybe)

Since the SonicTransporter os a nice pierce of HW, you may state that “we will support it”, but I guess that may cause all the other small custom builders to be not so hayppy.

I think a fanless hardware is important to many.

What Linux is used ? Fedora version ?

@danny pointed out that if you put ROCK on it, Small Green Machines won’t support the SonicTransporter.