ROCK stuck on "Initializing" on all remotes

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC model tested from Roon Labs to work. I don’t remember.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS RT-AX92U router and direct ethernet connection to the ROCK box. Has been working flawlessly for months and months.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge CXNv2

Number of Tracks in Library

Dude, I didn’t look at that and now I can’t see it at all. “104 artists” I remember. Not a big library by any means. Maybe 1000 songs or so.

Description of Issue

I used the ROCK last night and nothing was wrong. Today I get back from work and it’s stuck on “Initializing”, and my Android phone won’t connect to it either.
I can access the ROCK from it’s IP address, restart, reinstall OS, reset database and so on, all has been tried without luck.

Made sure I was using DHCP setting and then setting the IP on the router instead, also restarted router. Nothing works.

It’s dead, Jim.

For ever Initializing man. :persevere:

Thanks guys, maybe some of you have experienced this but the threads I found on here hasn’t really given me anything other than suggesting to reset or reinstall or restart everything - which I’ve done.

ASUS DHCP has registered the CORE to .137 address succesfully and gives that IP to the CORE as you can see in the above photo as well - that was after a database reset on the CORE.

Okay - so after a bit of troubleshooting and reading logs on the CORE, I found out (and I don’t know why) After the clear on the database (I think), It showed WARN: NotLoggedIn, or something like that, and I then AGAIN tried to connect from my phone, instead of my PC which was still showing “Initializing” and the phone actually asked me to log on to the CORE and I could proceed to add music and what not to it. The PC was still “Initializing” the CORE so I decided to just restart it, and wao wao wao, it suddenly saw the “new” CORE. I then grabbed a backup from a few days ago and right now all is working as it should. I wonder what made this happen. And it’s amazing how much trouble communicating the CORE the remots can seemingly have. Like why does the Windows app see it as Initializing when it’s actually okay, even after complete reset of the app, uninstall and restarts of the app. Only the restart of the PC made the ROON application actually “Ready” up the CORE again.

A little hard to troubleshoot but… Yeah, I suppose somehow during the night, the CORE must have been signed out or something weird.

Too much stuff failing at the same time - I can’t say for sure what the issue was.

Sorry guys.

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