Rock thinks it is living in the UK

When looking at the home screen and my recent listening, if I’m listening in the evening, roon is crediting my music after 7pm to the next day (I’m in in the USA eastern time zone). For example today, Tuesday, it is adding play time and artists etc to wednesday. It’s a minor nitpick, but it appears that the clock or timezone seems to be off, and I don’t see a place to adjust it.


Given the state of things here in the UK at the moment, I feel sorry for it. Roon certainly localises itself at boot up (required for Tidal&Qobuz licensing purposes I assume). I think it does this using your IP so are you proxying?
On the other hand, Perhaps all play stats are GMT based? Does it really matter?

It’s not all that bad…

… oh wait… it is. Carry on…

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Roon uses
to get your location.

There is none. Roon uses the UTC timezone (tz) internally. This means that the software has to do tz conversions every time it stores/retrieves dates from to it’s database. Sadly there is something of a tradition for Roon Labs to not get this right for all platforms on the first release of a feature and it usually takes quite some time for them to correct such issues (not important enough).
AFAIK you’re not the first one reporting this but I can’t remember that Roon Labs officially aknowledged that issue so far. Maybe this thread will trigger a reaction?

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