ROCK to Chord Mscaler to Chord Dave problem

I have ROCK connected with usb c-usb b to Chord Mscaler than Mscaler with 2 BNC cables to Chord Dave ,Roon see M scaler as audio device.I can enable Mscaler but than when play cant choose it as audio device,
Maybe somebody has similiar issue.
Thx for help.

You mention usb c. Rock as far as I am aware doesn’t support it.

Im not sure but Im playing this way to Chord Dave with all settings enabled without problem.
Its my first day messing with Roon.

I use an MScaler and DAVE but I have a streamer (SOtM SMS-200) in front of the MScaler. I’ve also used a Sonore ultraRendu streamer without issue. My NUC is not in the same room, so I use a network connection instead of USB.

Hi Karl,
Thanks for info,
I was thinking aboout Sotm and Rendu.
But wanted play with upsampling(when connected straight to Dave) dsp filters etc
For some reason cannot play through Mscaler cause cant select it.
Can you upsample etc using rendu?

I use the MScaler for upsampling to the DAVE. Before I had the MScaler, I used HQPlayer integrated with Roon Core.

Hi same way Im using just wants Roon to access my library and pass to Mscaler without upsampling.
I also use aurender N10 as transport.
But like Roon app/fflexibility better.
I upsample when connect Rock straight to Dave just play with audio quality I cant do it with conductor app from Aurender.