ROCK version not compatible with DB

Roon Core Machine

Had a Windows PC as Roon Core. wanted more stability, so I just set up a NUC11 4Gb M2 SSD 128gb with the ROCK image
This works - I can connect to the Web Interface

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Std lan - devices all ping and assigned ROCK static IP

Connected Audio Devices

DAC, WaveRadio, Dragonfly - all working before ROCK install

Number of Tracks in Library

18387 tracks, 1688 albums

Description of Issue

Per instructions, backed up database from old Core. when I tried to restore on ROCK, it says “This version of Roon is not compatible with your database. This usually indicates that Roon was downgraded after installing a version that changed the database format.”

Please help!

Did you upgrade ROCK first? The downloaded installation image is not the latest version and needs to be updated after installation and before restoring the backup.

You can do this in the ROCK’s web admin interface by going to http://rock or http://rock.local in a web browser (if this does not work, use http:// with the ROCK’s IP address) and then clicking the Reinstall button in the Operating System section like here:


Okay, I feel like a dunderhead for not trying that before. It is working fine now, after the update.

Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome, have a good time with your new Core :slight_smile:

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