ROCK, wasn't what I was hoping for

Unfortunately ROCK wasn’t the all in one solution I was hoping for, I was hoping to install on my NUC connect the NUC to my AVR with HDMI for the control and visuals on my projector and USB to DAC for audio, I can do this with an absolute free software that is Kodi. I don’t understand why this cannot be done???

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It isn’t what Roon is designed to do. Perhaps at some point Roon (and by extension ROCK) will be made more ‘remote control friendly’ but right now keyboard and mouse or maybe a media keyboard type device is best. My NUC can accommodate an infra red sensor, how hard would it be to do stop-start-skip type controls?

Yes I am fine with a wireless mouse but I think you missed my point, I want roon rock to be like a Roon for windows. I want to see all the info on my projector screen and not a phone or tablet. Can this be done with Roon Rock?

No, cannot be done. All Linux versions – ROCK or otherwise – run Roon Server. No GUI. For control, you need Roon Remote or full blown Roon. And Roon for Windows, as you note, already exists if you want a GUI alternative to ROCK on a NUC.


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Seems to be you had misread or misunderstood what ROCK IS…hoping it might have been something else is not going to make that happen…maybe you can use something like airplay from a tablet to an Apple TV to display on your AVR screen interface.

Oh well, lucky I didn’t spend over $600 aus dollars on it. I will stick with Kodi and yes I have tried ROON windows and it was great except for the Windows part. It was hard to pick the sound difference between Roon and Kodi so all i will be missing the better meta data and info on albums and artists.

Just to be clear

ROCK is free it’s just an operating system that runs Roon if you want to use it.

You have to pay for Roon, it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS as well as on ROCK.

What operating system are you running Kodi on?

However Roon as yet does not do quite what you are looking for on a big screen. There are some ways to show the display on a big screen but you will still need to use a tablet for control.

It isn’t just that it doesn’t do that “as yet”. Roon is a big believer in a distributed architecture, with one device doing core processing, one (or more) doing user interface, and one (or more) doing playback. The idea of a single box doing everything, in PC style, does work but it isn’t ideal, it isn’t recommended.

So Roon supports the backward looking architecture, but ROCK is forward looking.

Many want the single box solution, Roon documents it well. But it isn’t ROCK.


So would this work as work around. I install ROCk on intel nuc and and put in my IT rack and connect to my network switch. Then buy a cheap android box and connect to my AVR and install android Roon Remote on this so I can control and see on my TV screen?

Why not install windows on the nuc and run it as a core connected to the tv?

Yep until Roon deign to make a Remote (or Control) for Linux (and from the responses to other threads on the subject there isn’t a lot of enthusiasm from Roon themselves), then you’ll need to use Windows or Mac to do this.

No I do not want anything to do with windows, constantly getting things pop up, constant frustration with windows. Why do they make so hard yet charge so much.

@Daniel_Bretherton, I think you are confusing ROCK with Roon. You want a “10ft” TV UI for Roon, and that is not a product we make. Roon’s UI is built for tablets and works well on Windows/Mac too.

Mac mini is the other option…run a full screen view of Roon Remote

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This is where I got the idea that Roon would be an OS 1hour 10 mins into this video, Steve says it will be an operating System and he likes Roon on a big screen but doesn’t want the Windows part of it. Did you change your minds on this? It was called RoonBox.

Steve didn’t work for Roon at the time of this talk. He joined us in March of 2017. At 1:19:15 he even refers to us in the third person “these guys”. He did have an early release of Roon OS, but he was not speaking for the company.

As for the TV based “10ft away UI”, we’ve always been uneasy with the idea with using a arrow pad or mouse pointer type situation to control the UI on a TV. With the success of tablets, we’ve focused on making the tablet experience the best, and if we were to do a TV based UI, it’d be more of a “nowplaying” type display and not an interactive full Roon experience.


That’s a shame because it’s such a great GUI and it looks great, friends and family were very impressed when I had it on a Windows PC on projector screen. Hopefully maybe you can make it like Kodi where I use a Device called a FLIRC a usb adapter that plugs into computer so i can control with any remote control, very effective.

Oh yeh :heart_eyes:


It’s what the people want.

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I have used an Android powered TV box as a remote. It can do a decent job and of course looks stunning when it isn’t doing the Android corrupted graphics thing. Downsides are the aforementioned graphics and poor sound via the OS mixer. Also you need mouse/touchpad interaction. The remote these boxes come with is not the greatest user experience. But just getting the ‘now playing’ screen up while using a tablet for control is pretty good.