ROCK won't start properly - issue loading your database

I still have the issue. Had it 2 days ago as a matter of fact. This time, even a restore from backup wouldn’t start. When I did a restart of Roon ROCK, everything came back after a while.

Just had the issue again this morning. I am on the latest version. Added a few albums this morning. Did a manual rescan. Roon crashed at the end of the scan. “there was an issue loading your database”
Ran a restore from yesterday’s backup.

It just happened to me again. This morning, I listened to 2 albums. No issues. I hit Pause. Went out to breakfast and a walk. Came back, hit play… nothing happens.
Hit Home, get the pulsating roon icon.
The blue circle is turning top right. Clicking on it shows it is scanning a folder but no progress on the number of tracks scanned. Closed the app. Restarted it. Got the ‘there was an issue loading your database’
Restoring from a backup from yesterday…

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta ,

Apologies for the slow response. I enabled diagnostics on your end and this is strange, your database seems to be running out of memory when it is not doing much activity.

I would like to ask that you send us your database so that we can pass it on to the QA team for further testing. Can you please use the below instructions to upload your database to our Database Uploader and let us know afterward? Thanks!

upload completed of (29GB)

Another thing that annoys me to no end, is that EVERY time I reboot my ROCK core or my NAS storage, I get this 'The new version of Roon you have installed, requires a database update bla bla bla" which takes FOREVER.
No new version was installed, so WTH is this message about and why does it happen every time?

@support team: I uploaded the requested file 5 days ago. Is there anything you can conclude from this? Thanks

10 days and counting…

Guys, what is the point of having me extract, compress and upload my database if no-one is going to do anything with that file afterwards?

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta ,

Thanks for your patience here while I’ve had a chance to consult with the team on your case. Our QA team is planning to check your database, but I just re-enabled logging for your Core and the Out of Memory traces are not appearing anymore.

Has anything changed since you sent us the database that prevents the issue from happening now? Can you please let me know the exact local time + date of the next failure so that we can re-check the logs for any new clues? Thanks!

Good morning, one thing changed last week: there was a network outage in my house and when I brought everything back up, the IP address for my NAS had changed. So I ended up having to reboot the core, restart the roon server and point Roon to the folders on the new IP address, which triggered a full library re-import etc. Since then, the issue appears to not have reoccurred.

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Now I get a different glitch: for no apparent reason (other than a forced rescan after adding a few albums), I now get the “The new version of Roon you installed requires a database update” along with the churning roon logo. Except, no new version of Roon was installed… This is happening right now, 7.40 pm CET, 24 March.

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta ,

Thanks for sharing that timestamp. I’ve re-enabled logging and I noticed the error at the time you specified, it looks like you got an Out of Memory trace again. I took a closer look at your library and I noticed you have over 600k tracks active, which is quite a large library.

For a library this size, you’re probably better off using 32GB of RAM instead of the 16GB you currently have, so that Roon can have a bit more resources when dealing with the library contents. Also, I noticed quite a lot of activity surrounding playlists - can you please share some details regarding your playlist setup in Roon? Do you have an abnormally large number of playlists?

Thanks for the tip on RAM.
Playlists: I was not aware I had ANY playlists (unless checking the heart icon on an album means adding them to a playlist).

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