Roksan Kandy K3 DAC, DSD & Roon

Hey guys. I have just taken delivery of a Roksan K3 DAC and hooked it up to my NUC running ROCK. After a bit of button-pressing, it popped up in the Roon menu, and all works great - sounds wonderful.

I tried playing some DSD files - the K3 decodes DSD up to 128 - and it wasn’t having any of it, converting it to PCM. If I plug my Mac in, I can get DSD decoding working happily, but I wonder whether DSD through ROCK/Linux is limited somehow - would that be down to the Roksan drivers?

As you can tell I’m somewhat out of my depth, got this far pressing buttons and seeing what happens.

I have cycled through the Setup settings with regard to DSD for the K3 DAC and the two/three options that weren’t “Convert to PCM” left me with nothing but white noise coming from the stereo.

Hopefully I’m being dim somewhere and someone else has figured out how to make it work. If not, I don’t have tons of DSD, it’d just be nice to compare it against PCM and see what the two sound like against each other.

Thanks in advance!

Set it to DOP.

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Hi @John_Merritt ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The inisght is appreciated!

@Henry_McLeod beat me to the punch here (:+1:), please try setting the “DSD playback strategy” to “DSD over PCM” for the Roksan K3 DAC zone (Path: “device setup” > “show advanced” > “DSD playback strategy”).


Thanks Eric and Henry - I had tried that before (and just again this morning to make sure I wasn’t being dim) and it doesn’t do anything :frowning: I get silence. Maybe I will give Roksan a call today.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @John_Merritt — Thanks for the follow up and sharing the observations you made during the proposed test. The continued feedback is appreciated!

Continuing forward, I did some searching around Google to see what others have reported when trying to play DSD content to the Roksan Kandy K3 DAC under Linux and unfortunately could not run anything down. I also contacted our tech team to see if we by chance had one of these devices in house to verify what the expected functionality should be here and we do not have one currently :face_with_head_bandage:

However, the fact that it’s driverless on MAC and is working for with PCM on Linux makes me think that this should be able to work. I would recommend asking Roksan what their take is on this and please do share their feedback with us, as I would like to help in anyway possible.