Roku Soundbridge can’t connect


I previously posted this in the audio section, but it should probably have been posted here where perhaps @support might be able to help me.

I have an ancient Roku Soundbridge M1000 that I’d like to use as a Roon endpoint. In theory it should work as the Roku is supposed to be Squeezebox compatible, but it doesn’t. I can see the Roon library as a source on the Roku, but can’t connect to it or configure the Roku as an endpoint in Roon. There are no other instances of Squeezebox server software running.

Any help would be appreciated, but I suspect the issue may be is that the Roku is simply not compatible with recent implementations of LMS, which would be what Roon supports, as far as I know.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Just checking, is Squeezebox support enabled in Roon? I don’t think it’s on by default. Settings>Setup>Squeezebox Support (it’s just a toggle). Unfortunately, if it is enabled, we’ve reached the limit of my knowledge and others will need to chime in! Cheers!

Yes, it’s definitely on, thanks!

Hello @JefferyM,

After some research, it seems as though the Squeezebox implementation on the Roku Soundbridge has a few issues that will prevent it from working with Roon. Here is a good summary of the various quirks with LMS and the Roku that explain the behavior you are seeing.


Thanks John, much appreciated.