rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

Want to ensure that I am understanding the requirements of the ecosystem you are building. Do I already need to be running the extension manager bits in docker/roon or is this all included in your image? Also, I am as interested in your upnp bridge, will I be able to run both on the same pi, or is a pi required for each?


Seems to install OK on a 4GB card, up and running now on my Pi Zero :slight_smile: I just need to get a Dial and a Lic - I assume the lic process is automated and send via email?

Also is there an upgrade option in the first month of the $12 option to the lifelong? Without a trail this could be something im happy with long term.


Just updated to include the new “next track” double click feature - ! I’m already very impressed by this Roon extension and I’ll recommend your elegant and super convenient Roon remote to everyone using Roon now and in the future - thanks a lot!

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Multiple Dials means mutliple PIs and multiple licenses. You can get a rabate of 40% on each license if you act as an influencer on sellcodes. Each Pi has its own extension in roon so they are distinguishable even by name. Just try

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The license number is dislayed after the purchase in the web page.
Sellcodes has no upgrate option. You can buy a lifelong and hopefully get refund the one year license. I will talk to ssllcodes about refunding.

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I like to give end-user support in this forum and answers to general questions.
So please let us do technical discussions (docker, extension manager, integration…) in the thread I just created.
rooDial technical integration discusions - Roon Labs Community

Thanks DrCWO

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Hi @DrCWO,
This is a very compelling usecase. May I ask if you have looked into integration directly via Bluetooth with a PC or Mac that is running Roon Core? I understand the Raspberry PI approach for making it suitable for any setup over WiFi but wanted to check if bypassing that with a direct Bluetooth integration w/ the Core is possible.

Yargi, I have not.
I liked to create a solution for every system and easy to set up not only for Win or Mac!
Have you watched my videos? Give it a try! Buy some little parts, get 20 minutes to install, plug to the wall outlet and forget about it. No matter what platform you use.

I just discovered that the volume “Comfort” max-limit I have set in Roon (- 6 dB in my case) is simply overturned by rooDial that just continues all up to 0 dB using Ropieee as Roon bridge. I must admit I didn’t expect this to happen and I’ll recommend this limit to be respected. Maybe this feature could become selectable in a future update?

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On the future feature list :+1:

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I am using a 3b pi, and it works fine.
(Or actually it used to work fine, until the Surface Dial decided to break… no more bluetooth connection from it, and no blinking led when pressing the reconnect button. Oh well I can still return it :woozy_face:).

Cool, breaking Dial I heared before…

I am betatesting Version 1.1.1 and I can tell you, that this version is able to control volume via Deep Harmony . IT IS GREAT!!!

C.W. Oehlrich offers fantastic support. Just 12 hours after I asked him for this feature, it is working.


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Hello everyone

FYI I used RooDial v1.1.0 on Raspberry Pi 4 with Ethernet hooked to DHCP. It worked out of the box as advertised. The dial is very elegant design and nice to use and the plugin option are very well thought out. One of the best Roon Extensions I’ve come across, and I can echo the comments re: excellent support, so I bought lifetime license.

Congrats and Thanks DRCWO!

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Thanks for letting me know. I guess I have to try it out now :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi All!

I’m also beta-testing a 1.1.1 from the good Dr. and I just want to echo the very positive feedback seen above by others on both the extension and the communication with the developer. I previously had an issue controlling groups (fixed in 1.1.0) and then had an issue with volume control across a group of heterogenous devices and that has been resolved in the latest beta.

I’m loving the fact that the dial gives me a very versatile hardware volume control (as well as play/pause/track change) that I can basically put anywhere in my house. The lack of this was one of my gripes in the past. I’ve already ordered another PiZeroW and Dial for putting another control in my kitchen.

This is a great low-cost project that totally upgrades my Roon experience and lifestyle integration and I’m looking forward to seeing what more transpires from DrCWO and RooExtend.

First class!



Is there anywhere in the documentation a list of what selection for the knob are available…ie long press short press couple press etc ? or is it only showing up in the extension settings?

I only get my dial later today so cant really try much yet

@DrCWO how does one get the beta?

Absolutely BRILLIANT bit of kit.

It can even turn off my Lumin and attached amps too with along press if desired!!!

Worth it in every way without even considering any other options that might come…even got WAF approval :smiley:

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@DrCWO Thank you for this extension. I have it setup now and it is working flawlessly.

I have one comment to make, which is to say that I think there ought to be a even slower volume change setting for the rotation of the dial. Even on ‘Most’ the speed is pretty quick and I can easily increase the volume to uncomfortable levels without intending to.

Do you think an additional speed setting is possible in a future release?

Edit: Actually I did just think of another simple option that could be useful, and that is to have a setting to disable the Dial in Roon from the extension settings. I have a Surface Studio which I use with the Dial as well, but the range of the Bluetooth is such that I can be connected to both the Surface Studio and the Pi Zero W at the same time… which causes obvious confusion!