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As far as I can see in all scenarios you have:
Almost at the same time I start the Pi4 with rooExtend.
rooExtend expects the Roon core is up and running when it gets started.
Please try:

  • Start your TV and your Roon core.
  • If you see the Roon GUI start the Raspberry.

In this situation anything should be fine. And yes, the TV must be turned on before you start the Pi. It checks at Boot time if the HDMI is present.

Best DrCWO

OK, that works. :+1:
I summarize:

  1. Start Roon and wait until Roon is up and running.
  2. Start TV an wait untill the device is up and running.
  3. Start rooExtend (Raspberry Pi).

If this order is followed, the output on the TV display seems to work without any problems. It’s just not my approach. Normally I listen to music and then turn on the TV a few hours later. In this case I have to restart rooExtend so that the HDMI input is recognized. Could the restart be integrated into the rooExtend web interface, just like Roon Rock does? That would be much easier than having to pull the mains plug behind the system every time.

Example: This would bei a cool feature :wink:

After reading some source code, rebooting rooExtend works fine with this browser link:


Unfortunately, the current version of rooWatch does not work on watchOS9 since Apple changed a few things. I am working on a new version 1.10 (internal version 1.60) that will support watchOS9 and the new Apple Watches including the Apple Watch Ultra. I will soon submit the new version to Apple for review.
Please do not update to watchOS9 until the new rooWatch version is released.
Here’s a screenshot of rooWatch 1.10 (1.60) running on watchOS9 and Apple Watch Ultra.


rooWatch 1.10 was just accepted by Apple and is available for download. So feel free to update to watchOS9 on Monday.

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To prevent a cross-post: Roon ROCK and rooDIAL (volume knob) - how can I use rooExtend with my ROCK? (preferring docker instead of having to run multiple Raspi).

rooExtend needs a Raspberry Pi to run. It cannot be installed else where, sorry.
Best DrCWO

Finaly I got rooExtend to work. CD player is working fine.
But I could not get any sound from my LP player with Zoom U-22 on the USB of the Pi4.
After resetting the Pi it spontaneously works, but I can’t change the samplerate in the rooPlay settings to 96000. It shows only 3x 44100. But the logging recognizes the Zoom U-22 and all sample rates 44100, 48000 and 96000. And also connecting the Zoom U22 on my Macbook shows all sampelrates.

My brother has the same setup, and has no problem changing the samplerate in roomPlay.

So it looks like a software bug. Any solution for this?

Uploading: F7239AA7-D2A4-4B5E-AC6C-DF6DAE5EB8AA_1_101_o.jpeg…

Hi Carl and forum -

I just finally upgraded to 2.3.2 for my Dial and Nuimo RPI/controllers. I am having some issues getting the new display feature to work.

Issue: “Chrome” Display does not show up in Roon (Settings/Displays) for either of my RPIs. Both had the monitor/TV connected via HDMI when the RPI booted up. I see a Chromium window in the middle of my display.

Any suggestions?

System Info

rooExtend release: v2.3.2
Device type: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2
IP number:
Internet connected: Yes
CD drive: –
Uptime: 10 min
Temperature: 69.6’C

Does this work with all releases of the RPi rooExtend? does it auto update to the new version on the watch or do you have to install afresh?

Yes, this works with all newer releases of RPi rooExtend. Yes, it will autoupdate, if your Apple Watch is configured to automatically update watch apps (I think this is the default).

I’m using RooWatch 1.0.0 on rooExtend V2.2.2 beta should this be OK? Probably time to reflash the SD card for most of rooExtend devices

Yes, this should be Ok.


I install rooExtend in the RPi4, set up the wifi but nothing shows in Extensions (“no extensions discovered” message), I am trying to set up a space mouse, I connect the USB receiver of the space mouse in the RPi4

I am running Roon 2.0 (build 1128) on a Nucleus. Ethernet connected. Controlling from a Mac


System Info

rooExtend release: v2.3.2
Device type: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5
IP number:
Internet connected: Yes
CD drive: –
TV Screen: –
Uptime: 27 min
Temperature: 36.5’C

I connect the RPi4 to the Ethernet and works.

System Info

rooExtend release: v2.3.2
Device type: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5
IP number:
Internet connected: Yes
CD drive: –
TV Screen: –
Uptime: 1 min
Temperature: 39.9’C

If you want to set this up on wireless you need to first connect to the “hotspot” it creates. Details are in the manual, including network name and password. From the manual:

“Basic setup on a WiFi connected Pi (4, zero w, zero 2 w)
The Roon extensions that can be operated with WiFi are rooDial, rooExtend and rooNuimo. Roon Bridge and NAA work with WiFi but this use case is not recommended. rooUPnP transports bidirectional audio data. For reliable audio transport and best audio quality, rooUPnP is only available if the Raspberry Pi is connected to Ethernet.
• Power on Raspberry Pi and wait for some minutes (up to five).
• The LED at the Raspberry Pi should blink regularly. This means rooExtend is up and running.
• Look for the WiFi created by Raspberry Pi with name “rooExtend” and connect to it. Password is: 1234567890

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Hi Henry

Thanks for the answer. Yes I connect to the hotspot and setup the internet but did not work. I will try again today

If it won’t work rooExtend did not connect to your WiFi. If it got connected the rooExtend WiFi will no more be visible. If you can see it it did not connect.
My recommendation: Better use a Ethernet cable :smiling_face:

Best DrCWO

Thanks. With Ethernet cable the 3D spacemuse is working great. I will try to get the wifi working so I can move around the house and do not depend of being chained to the ethernet. Also waiting for the MS Surface dial.


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